Day: October 15, 2017

Parent: Losing A Parent Changed My Parenting

Losing someone you love is never easy and losing a parent is even harder. The irony of it all–when you were younger you’d try to lose them in the mall or the movies with friends. There is so much that parents get wrong when we were teenagers, but when their gone man do things change. […]

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Leaving Money On The Table?

Are you leaving money on the table? Have you ever had a friend or family member or someone in general ask you, “how did you do that”? “How did you paint that room”? “How did you create your website”? “How did you write that paper”? But let me guess, because the compliments usually come from […]

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Money Matters: Control Your Emotions, Get Your Money

The hardest thing to do sometimes is to control your emotions and forget how something or someone made you feel. We’re all human so good days and bad days are inevitable. Regardless, you still have to get your money. Everyone goes through break-ups. We all have arguments with the people we love and care about, […]

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