Day: May 23, 2018

Emotions: How To Handle Your Emotional Roller Coasters

I was talking to a few different women this week who all mentioned experiencing the same emotions; hurt, anger, self doubt and happiness. These are all common emotions, though few are unwilling to openly admit. We are going through the same emotions. So you are not crazy. You’re totally normal. Being a single parent, whether […]

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One Mother at the Barber Shop

I watched my son hop in the black chair with chrome legs. The barber began to spin him around just enough to get a huge chuckle out of my little boy. When the chair slowed down and he caught his breathe, he gave the barber some dab. He was in search of the golden clippers […]

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Plant Based Momma: Southern Food & Eat Good!

People feel because you eat plant based or vegan “your new lifestyle” doesn’t include good, delicious southern foods. But that’s true at all! You can still eat the foods you love just replace ingredients that do not include any animal products. Trust me, there are tasty replacements out there. Research! Google and Pinterest will be […]

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