Month: July 2018

Voice for Moms: Experiencing Motherhood Single & Black

When you see a void, fill it. When you need a voice, use yours. That is what this single mom did. Kim, affectionately known as Kim is the creator of, a space for black moms to go for inspiration, tips and motivation. She is also the creator of Experiencing Motherhood: Single & Black the […]

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We all want more money, but when you have huge amounts of debt, a clogged mindset and no real knowledge on how to get more money, all those dreams of having it go unaccomplished. I myself have dealt with a massive amount of student loan debt so I know what it’s like to feel buried […]

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Change Is Created and I’m Creating It: LaVondra Shinholster

Here’s to the many women, single moms in particular, who chose to be the change they wished to see. Some of us complain and some of us create and that’s what LaVondra, affectionately known as Typical Blacqueen, did. She took her passion of helping others feel confident, beautiful and strong to new heights. LaVondra is […]

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