Month: December 2018

Why You Should Not Feel Guilty For Leaving

Before we jump in, I want to make sure we understand what feeling guilty means; self doubt, or feeling like you did something wrong in some case. So this piece is for my single moms who are or may be single because they walked away from a toxic or otherwise unfulfilling relationship. I walked away […]

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Stand Up Girl: He Left. Now What?

Stand up sis, pick your head up. He left, now what? Once upon a time I could sit and talk about the men I have children with all day; what they did or didn’t do. I’m sure you and your girls can too. The biggest take away is that he is no longer here. Are […]

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What They Don’t Tell Single Moms

What haven’t we heard about single motherhood right! We’ve heard it all; how hard it is, how exhausting it is, how lonely it can be and so on. What those same people don’t tell you is that single motherhood is a position. This is a season. If you get a group of single moms together […]

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