3 Careers To Start Today

There’s a career everywhere you look. You know how most people will probably tell you that you need to go to school and get certified before you can work in THAT field? With the way 2016 is set up, you can actual start a business TODAY and from your phone. Maybe you’ve read about the careers I’m going to discuss here and maybe you haven’t. Either way, it’s worth repeating. With this being the day of Entrepreneurship, it’s almost scary easy to start a business today. So to help move you along, I’ve listed 3 careers you can start today. Check them out.

  1. Daycare. Honestly, because I have kids, I believe that a daycare can be started today and through word of mouth. Right? It all starts with you watching the neighbors kids after school or your sisters kids over the weekend. Its really all about who tells who who is watching their child while they have a girls weekend or date night or work. You can charge by the hour or by age. And if you want to go a step further you could do an after school program. There are a lot of people still in the job market looking for help and with the Summer rapidly approaching I’d say you have about 4 weeks to set up shop.
  2. Consulting Agency. How many times have you been asked questions that you didn’t even know you knew the answers to? You’ve moved through life and in the process of moving you’ve gained and extensive amount of knowledge in a certain field like finances or entrepreneurship that you are now able to share with people when they ask. Use it. Use that that you’ve learned and sell your experience. You won’t believe how much people are looking for this info. I was one of these people and still am in certain cases.
  3. Temp Agency. Okay so we all know how the economy is looking right about now, a little better than 2008-2010, but you get my point. People are still looking for work. People will always need work. If you can help one person gain employment with a reputable company you have already shown what you can do. This literally takes 2 days to do. Get their employment history, ask them what type of work they are interested in, get background info, check their accountability records because you have to make sure they are going to do the work before you can put them to work.

These are great examples of putting yourself to work TODAY.