4 Business Ideas For Single Moms Of Girls

There are a multitude of business ideas floating around waiting for you to grab it and go and there are some in particular that would be great for moms of girls. No matter the age of your girls, all of these business ideas will meet them at any level in their lives.

  • Dance/Drama- Middle school girls in particular love to be able to express themselves through dance and they were born actresses. What I noticed with my 12 year old is that she was not interested in Dance or Drama any throughout elementary school, but once she got to middle school her interest in the two sprouted. Let them decide what type of dance (ballet, contemporary, pop, jazz) that they like the most and let them dabble.
  • Homemade accessories- What girls doesn’t love a good accessory? Headband, jewelry, key ring decor. Girls love this and if you are buying it then you know how expensive and inexpensive it can be to purchase and be the purchasee. Create a line of your own or better yet, let them.
  • Clothing boutique- We are not even going to start on what a piece of clothing cost these days. Girls love flirty unique pieces that allow them to express their true style. They want first dibs or they want things that others have or don’t have. Either way, your creating and launching it gives them that edge.

All of  these are great ideas for moms with girls to jump into entrepreneurship. All it takes is an internet connection and a great idea to change your life.  Jump in now and not later. These ideas are just a great start. If you’ve got suggestions to add to the list, comment below and we can develop this thing together. Will you be next? We are waiting on you.