Business is so microwave today. Everybody wants it to happen quick, fast and in a hurry. If you own a business that you expect to age with longevity, it’s going to take time to build.

Success doesn’t come with a manual as much as we want to find the perfect book or course to fast track our business growth, you have to realize that it’s all in the building. To which leads me to the 5 key factors I believe are key to starting, running and maintaining a business. Walk with me.

  1. Discipline. Before you can start anything, you’re going to need to understand this word and apply it to every phase of the business. If you want it, you have to be willing to get up and go get it.
  2. FOCUS. If you lack discipline, it’s probably because you lack focus. Staying focus means eliminating those things that are a distraction; negativity, people, social media.
  3. Consistency. Set a schedule and if you need to, hire someone to create a schedule for you so that you can stay focused on your business goals.
  4. Determination. Where there’s a will there’s a way and sometimes things aren’t going to work out like we planned. Sometimes we’re going to have to keep going when everything seems to be going wrong. Small successes build determination, but failing is also a determining builder.
  5. Knowledge. You’re not going to know everything, sometimes you will need to enlist some help or delegate some tasks along the way. Everyone has to. Hire a coach, outsource, buy the books, take the course, read the book.


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