7 Ways To Celebrate Valentine’s Day As A Single Mom

So today is Valentine’s Day and you might be single, but you’re not mad single, just single. As single moms we tend to dwell on holidays that traditionally call for a woman to be dating. Not today. Not in 2019. And let me tell you something else, nobody is focusing on you being single, but you and the foolish people who truly believe that this day is written in history as a day of love between man and woman. There are all sorts of ways to show ourselves and our kids some love as well.

6 years ago, I had a date. The following year I didn’t and guess what, I survived that year and every year after. Today I’m sharing with you a number of ways we can shower ourselves with some love and our kids too.

  • Take the kids on an early date. Most places fill up by 6pm. Take the kids early so that they too can enjoy a nice dinner out.
  • Cook a dinner at home. For the past 5 years I have done the special dinner at home for my girls. I set the table all fancy and cook them their favorite dinner.
  • While the kids are in school, take yourself to lunch. I enjoy a nice lunch by myself before the kids get home and take the rest of the day.
  • Go to the spa. Its okay to make this day about you.
  • Prepare some gifts for the kids. Each year I also buy my daughters a small gift, a stuffed animal some chocolate and maybe some balloons.
  • Treat your kids how they should be treated when they’re older. For my girls, I like to set the tone for how they should be treated by the opposite sex as they get older. Valentine’s Day is just another chance that I get to do it.
  • Throw you and your home girls a Galentine’s Day outing. Grab your girls, meet at dinner or cook at home, some wine, 90’s music and chill.

This doesn’t have to be a day that you dread or one that is unhappy. Create your own idea of Valentine’s Day and do that.