You didn’t plan on being here; a single mom raising a teen daughter that finally starting to ‘find herself’, but we’re here. I am no different from you. Being a single mom for the last 13 years was a gift all in itself. I learned more about myself and the things I wanted out of life than I ever have and I would not trade these moments in for anythings, but with this joy came some pain. I wasn’t always able to give my children what they needed or ever wanted. Naive about the demands of being a good mother, I got in my own way.

You live and you learn and with my learning comes growth. I wanted to change my life and the direction in which my life was going and I know there are other moms who felt the same.

I was able to take, from my life, what tried to break me, what almost did and all of the lessons I’ve learned and the resources I’ve used to release anger, embarrassment, negative attitudes and rebuild my faith, confidence and self love and redirect that attention to building this platform and owning the hell out of it. Now, I’m bringing those same strategies and resources to you.

I’m Terri, Founder and Creative behind The Single Moms Universitee, woman, mom and serial entrepreneur and I am beyond excited about what this community is doing to change the lives of single moms. I created this community because I wanted to belong to something that I needed when I was a 21 year old single mom with no guidance, support, money or direction. So here we are, take a look around and let me know what you think