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WORK: 13 Skills Single Moms Develop That Pay

Work isn’t always easy to find or keep as a single parent. Single moms develop a multitude of skills that we can and do utilize on a daily basis. Think of all the things that you do on a regular day, evening or night that could and do have a huge pay off and pay […]

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Raise your hand, if you are beyond ready to stop chasing your dreams and turn them into reality?! What is causing you not to follow your dreams?! As for some women including myself, it was self-doubt. Well… about we confront self-doubt and tell it where it can go! And I am not talking about Arizona. […]

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We Are Mothers First. Business Women Second

A few weeks ago there was an event that I wanted to go to, but I didn’t have a sitter for my girls. I really wanted to go and show my support to this young lady and the speakers, but could not attend. Or so I thought. Later on there was a picture circulating on […]

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3 Business Ideas For Moms Of Boys

Today I want to give you all a few business ideas to start creating your own income– but for boys. I don’t have any boys and ironically all of my friends only have girls so I had to stretch my thinking. I hear that boys are simpler and I do have a few nephews so […]

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Motherhood and Business101: Making Them Both Work

I’ll be the first one to tell you that making motherhood and business work together is hard work. If you have a 9-5 or 2-10 or 7-7, its still hard work. Why? Because we make it hard. It’s not rocket science–it can work. When I worked for someone at 19 or 20 (because that was the last […]

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Business: $200 & 10 Steps To Get You Started

If you’re anything like me, you’ve researched and researched how to start a business with limited funds. While some sites intend to show you, i.e., ‘How to Start a Business with No Money’, only to click, go to read the info and end up wondering where is the part about limited funds money? Needless to say […]

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Business is so microwave today. Everybody wants it to happen quick, fast and in a hurry. If you own a business that you expect to age with longevity, it’s going to take time to build. Success doesn’t come with a manual as much as we want to find the perfect book or course to fast […]

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Leaving Money On The Table?

Are you leaving money on the table? Have you ever had a friend or family member or someone in general ask you, “how did you do that”? “How did you paint that room”? “How did you create your website”? “How did you write that paper”? But let me guess, because the compliments usually come from […]

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Money Matters: Control Your Emotions, Get Your Money

The hardest thing to do sometimes is to control your emotions and forget how something or someone made you feel. We’re all human so good days and bad days are inevitable. Regardless, you still have to get your money. Everyone goes through break-ups. We all have arguments with the people we love and care about, […]

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   There is a ton of information floating around regarding tips on time management for business owners, but today I wanted to give some insight and advice on single moms running their own business. When you are a single mom, you don’t get a pass on business basics or professionalism or consistency. We have to develop these qualities just like any other business if we want to be taken serious as a business.

In an interview with Rolling Out, Jhene Aiko gave some insightful tips for single moms juggling a career and motherhood: Read more