Is Entrepreneurship For You, Other Ways To Build Income

Who doesn’t want more income? I’d be lying if I said that that was not a goal of mine every single day. Years ago, I had no clue that this was even an option. “I could make more money other than a paycheck?” So I did some research and that reminded me of my plan to be an entrepreneur or own my own business. I’ve known since I was 1o years old that this was going to be, but I didn’t know how. I honestly never thought about what it would take to meet that goal and what it would take to continue. Entrepreneurship is not for everyone. It’s not all glitz and glamour. It’s hard work and that hard work doesn’t look or feel good.

I’ve spoken to a more than enough single moms that have flirted with the idea of starting a business. The one thing that they all have in common is consistency. It’s hard to keep focused or carve out time to work on those business goals when you have 3 kids, a full time job, bills and your sanity to keep track of. And even though entrepreneurship can be difficult, its also supposed to be fun because you’re doing something that doesn’t feel like work, having more time with the kids and making money. Even so, some jump in not knowing the level of commitment is going to take.

Today I want to leave a few tips that will help in determining your wanting to be an entrepreneur and also a few ways to make some additional income in case you realize that entrepreneurship is not for you. And remember, it’s okay if it’s not.

  1. How does your business idea make you feel? Our goals are supposed to make us happy and want to work towards them. If your idea doesn’t do this, reevaluate it. Make sure that this is something that you absolutely want it even on the days where it was hard and you’re broke.
  2. Do it because you want it, not because it’s the trend.
  3. Don’t focus on the money, the money will come when you find your thing. Search for your thing.

Now here are a few income ideas for those that just want to make some extra money

  1. Use your skills. What you do really well that other can’t or don’t can make you money
  2. If you type well, offer your services as a virtual assistant. If you love to research, offer to contract with bigger companies for research projects.
  3. Great with tech, not everyone knows how to build an app, you might. Maybe you enjoy and understand websites, build them for a fee.
  4. Watch your girlfriends kids while she work. This leads to others that may need your assistance with childcare.
  5. Great with gifting, use that to create an experience in gift basket form
  6. Are you great with helping other see their gifts, help others find jobs that align with their skills

There is always a way to make money and if entrepreneurship is not for you, use one of the above to start now.

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