Fashion and Motherhood

I was flipping through different magazines, viewing the latest styles and fashion trends, then slowly gazed down at what I was wearing.

Not that I am comparing myself to these beautiful women, just wondering if I have been slacking off a little in the fashion department.

I’ve been so focused on raising my son and starting a new business adventure that my fashion sense has been “Meh” … who am I lying to … more like “girl, bye”!

Blink twice if this happened to you. Come on, I can’t be the only one.

Blink… Blink…

I took a trip to my walk-in closet and stood in the doorway, shaking my head.

Now, I know what my Mom was trying to tell me. She would always show me, tough love, when it came down to self-care.

My Mom will be sixty in a few months, but baby girl obtains and brings that slayage.

“You are a Mom, not a grandmother,” she said with all kinds of attitude. “I am the one he calls GIGI and I don’t dress or act like that.”

Okay, Mom… note taken!

And again, she was right.

I did let myself go especially after my divorce but not on purpose. Like, I mentioned earlier, my focal point was my son, as long as he had everything he needed I was not really concerned about how I looked like. Which I learned was a no-no!

Here are top signs, this maybe you?! But it’s okay, we are here to help change that!

1) Try on nice things, which looks amazing on you but you claim you don’t have anywhere to wear it to. And you leave the store without purchasing it.
– I’m not saying be a hoarder and buy up the whole store, but buying a cute little black dress, won’t hurt you. We all need a sexy black dress or two with a nice heel. You never know who may invite you out or go to a work function AND SLAY!

2) You wear yoga or exercise clothes almost every day but you don’t attend any classes or gym!
– I’m not saying you shouldn’t be comfortable, but dang Ma. Wear some jeggings, leggings or some skinnies; pair it up with a cute top. You can always choose some adorable sneakers, sandals or flats.

3) Mom jeans are in your closet hanging up! And you wear them a lot, especially to outings.
– We all have those favorite jeans that we like but if they are up to your ankle and not in a stylish way then let’s burn those. Jeans are supposed to embrace your body, to properly complement your frame; not referring to so tight, you can’t breathe. So breathe, Sis!

4) You are afraid of makeup or wear only lip gloss.
– I understand, your melanin is poppin’ without makeup, but let’s add a red lipstick to your natural look. How about you wear matte red lip. I was so guilty and avoided lipstick period. But these full lips needed a change. You can always try a makeup counter at the mall and let a professional show you new products that you may like. Some will give you a mini makeup lesson for free, so you can get the jus of what will look right on you!

I’m not saying you have to do this every day. I had to gradually work myself back up to slayage but I am so glad that I did! Us, mothers work so hard to provide for our children, turn a house into a home and be Superwoman all in one AND it’s okay to put a little time and effort into us.

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