How To Get Unstuck, Single Moms Edition

In order to go from any area of your life to the next, you must first get there mentally. Feeling stuck is less about moving and more about not having a plan. We feel stuck when we don’t know where the money is going to come from. We feel stuck when we don’t know how we’re going to launch that business. I have spoken to too many moms recently we feel like their lives are on pause. Let’s explore why and how to fix it.

How We Get Stuck

When we don’t have a short term or long term plan we begin to feel trapped and we don’t know how to move. This plan can consist of goals for any part of our lives from our weight to our money to our relationships. When you don’t know how to move or where to move to you feel unmotivated. Learning to lean towards your wants is key. You don’t have to move like others or move with others. Take time to learn you so that you can get what you need from you.

How To Get Unstuck

This is not a hard comprehension. Either you want to move or you don’t. Simple enough right? Okay, so now the question becomes “what do I really wanna do?” Knowing what you want is key and you have to vocal about it. You cannot take the easy way out sis, this is going to require some work on your part. If you are feeling stuck in a job, look for a new one to match your skills or the things you love. If you feel stuck in a relationship, talk to your partner and if yall can’t make it work, leave.

What You Can Do Now

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