Investing: 8 Ways To Invest Now

Let’s talk investing, more specifically, the importance of self investing. I’m sure you all know how important it is for us to invest in ourselves and the things we want from life. Whether you’re thinking of taking a class or online course to learn a new skill or hone the skills you already have, its important to consider the long term use of self investing. The bigger problem I believe our community is that when we think about investing often times it equates to money.

That’s part true. Some investing does come with a monetary commitment, but not all. Some only require you to committed, in class or check in online. Another part is the excuses we make for ourselves is also a problem.

I want to make sure we understand the true importance of investing in ourselves. If we want a new life, a life that we’ve never thought possible, this is the only way to obtain it. Today I’m giving you a few ways that you can start now to begin investing in your now for later

  • If you want to be promoted, take a class or course in the subject. This gives you a leg up on the competition. It also shows your employer that you are ready for this move and you are the right person.
  • Want to start a business, you’ll need a domain, domain name, EIN, website, email. Now don’t let this scare you, you need all these things, but you can get them all one at a time.
  • Don’t have the budget for marketing your new business, you be the marketing team. Share you work whenever you have an opportunity. Get a website and acquire the social media names
  • Want to get a degree or finish up a degree, figure out which school you want to attend, a schedule around your life and call the school.
  • Take time to check on your credit report. We all know credit is life, we need to have credit for the times we may not have the money. Set up a payment plan with your bank. You can send a certain amount of money to a specific account every time you get paid and let that be your money for credit repair.
  • There are many small businesses that cater to the problems you need help solving. I don’t have to tell you all the solutions we provide right her for single moms.
  • Go to the bookstore and cop the book.
  • Buy the workbook

There are too many ways to invest in ourselves for us to not invest at all. When you choose not to, you’re buying into the statistics that single moms, especially minorities, already have to fight against. Get some fight sis.

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