Learned Lessons: Always A Lesson, Never A Loss

I think there is a huge misconception when it comes to failure. Some think you fail if a product or service doesn’t work out. Others think you fail in relationships or in educational classrooms. Some think there is no such thing as failure. Yep, I’m going with the ladder, I don’t think there is a such thing as failure. I count them as lessons learned and the sooner you change the way you view failure the less you’ll obligated to call it a failure. So you know I have learned lessons like repeatedly and I wanted to give you a few ways to help you bounce back from that.

  1. Recognize failure for what it is. Failing is not trying. PERIOD.┬áIt’s not trying a product line out or launching a business and not getting any customers because guess what, you launched right? Right. You can not fail at something you have tried that didn’t work. You fail when you don’t try to make it work.
  2. There are going to be times where somethings may not work out. That’s life. The next thing you do is figure out where your product or service missed the mark and regroup. Go back to the drawing board and see if you can pinpoint the hiccup. Because that’s what its called a hiccup. Something that knocks you off balance for a minute then goes away. You have to realize that everybody falls somewhere. Get back up and try again.
  3. IF you learned the lesson you did not fail. Men are hardheaded right? They think they know how to fix everything, but after about 3 try’s there ready to call in the pros. Because guess what they realized that they can not fix everything. That is them learning the lesson. You may not soar at everything you try or everything you give your energy to, but once you learn the lesson behind having a target audience or know who could use your product or service you learn some valuable stuff. So for me, I always say, if you learn the lesson you did not fail.

Failure is a mindset. It’s not an option if you came here to win. Learn the lesson and try try again.