Leaving Money On The Table?

Are you leaving money on the table? Have you ever had a friend or family member or someone in general ask you, “how did you do that”? “How did you paint that room”? “How did you create your website”? “How did you write that paper”? But let me guess, because the compliments usually come from family, you don’t think you could possibly make money from it? Stopped thinking that. Here’s the thing about making money, it usually comes from something that you are great at and passionate about and more often than not, it’s something that comes so easy that you wouldn’t think that you could make money from it. This is what I like to call purpose money.

Purpose money is money that you are making or can make from your purpose. That good money. The money a lot of us miss because we’re struggling to recognize our purpose. Once you recognize it you can clean it up and monetize it.


I had been creating my own social media graphics since I learned how to use Canva and never thought anyone actually took any notice in it. Wrong. On social media someone is always watching and what I realized 2 days ago is that I was leaving purpose money on the table and for two reasons:

  • I didn’t really want to charge the person for this service
  • I didn’t think that it was something [I] could monetize

I had a girlfriend text me like, “who does your graphics…they are so good and girly…and I love your captions”. I thought, “that’s just something I’m good at and enjoy and self taught myself. She thinks its dope? How much would I charge?” Never considered because it’s something I’m good at and didn’t realize that it could be monetized. I got over that quick.


I stopped joking with myself. I stopped laughing off the things that people said I was good at and created ways to make money from it.

  • IF you don’t love it it won’t work.
  • When they asked I answered RIGHT THEN.  I didn’t wait and I didn’t second guess.
  • I said YES and if I didn’t know I learned.
  • I failed, but they loved so I stopped judging myself and let them love it.
  • I got to work on it the same day.
  • I went beyond with extras

The idea behind purpose money is that it’s the good easy money. The money you don’t expect and makes you feel good. Are you leaving purpose money on the table? Girl you better get your coins.

Last updated October 2017


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