Hey, I’m Terri, Confidence Coach, mom and Entrepreneur. I work with single moms on a number of topics that focus on building confidence, self improvement and motherhood. Through my coaching, moms are equipped with the confidence, clarity and action plan to succeed personally and professionally.

Everyone’s situation and goals are different. Even though we offer daily blogs on an array of topics surrounding single motherhood, starting a business and personal development, I have created these specific coaching plans to better assist you where you may be in your life right now. The below plans below are 1-1 coaching or in a package deal. Take a look.


Our Confidence Coaching is a 1-1 session in which we dive to the root causes of the moms fear to eliminate doubt, while adding in the vision for her life. We work with specific techniques that drive you to acknowledge or recognize and eliminate the shame, fears and self doubt and then we work to create a plan with you that represents success and fulfillment in your life.


As s single mother of 3, I struggled with job dependency, lack of funds, living paycheck to paycheck and payday loans that ultimately resulted in bad credit. It wasn’t until I was tired of being tired of being broke that I decided to take a leap into entrepreneurship. Being a single mother equips you with creative and useful ways to develop cash flow and easily attainable business ideas. The path of Entrepreneurship can be a rewarding one. It requires hard work and consistency, but it also requires courage and discipline.If you wake up everyday with a strong desire to own your freedom, make your own money and to own your time then the Entrepreneurial Business coaching is for you. The entrepreneurial coaching is for moms who are committed to financial change, have a business idea and need help with the foundation and launch, have a business, but maybe you aren’t monetizing it or maybe you just feel like you have to and you won’t stop til you do. Through this targeted coaching, we take an assessment of your qualities and skills. We then form a list of applicable business ideas to match you and work to create a 30 day plan of action for the mom to implement.


Believe it or not some of us lack the basic money skills necessary to understand money and its value like using a debit card, overdraft fees, checking and savings accounts, balancing a check book, rainy day funds, smart investments. In order to conquer the top levels you’ve got to learn the basics. In the Financial Literacy Coaching, single moms gain basic money knowledge; grocery shopping, rainy day funds, 6-month safety cushion, bill-paying, reliable investments, and checking and savings utilization.


Sometimes with the demise of a relationship we are hung up on the past, that thing that is no longer there. Such is often the case in single parent relationships and because I have dealt with them myself, acknowledged and eliminated unhealthy patterns, boosted my self confidence and now value myself, I get asked all the time how. How did I do it? So with this coaching I am showing you how I was able to heal, forgive, love myself again, parent my kids, love again and trust after relationship hurt.

I’ve help 40 somethings decide whether they want to live or die unfulfilled. They decided to live. Under 30 figure out their next move after that BA and Masters

I’ve helped single mothers take notice of unhealthy people and patterns that were detrimental to raising their sons and daughters.

If you are a known procrastinator or are just unsure of where to start in life then my independent sessions could be for you. “Self investment is the best investment”

All Sessions last 90 minutes once a week

After your payment of $297 I will contact you by phone/ or Skype. In each session I’ll use specific questions to target trouble spots and together we’ll develop an accountability strategy that works well around your life, its day to day tasks, and the goals you are trying to reach.  At the end of each session we’ll have developed a plan for your business or your money or your personal life that you will want to implement. 

*payment also includes an additional 30 minute accountability session 1 week from the initial session to track your progress.*


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