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Single motherhood can be tough and without the right supports system it can be down hard as hell to grow through and to become our best selves. We need other moms that we can relate to, depend on, go to, talk to, be vulnerable with and hold us accountable. This is not your typical support group. This group is going to:

  • Present you with assignments that are created to develop your confidence
  • teach you how to pursue solutions instead of focusing on your struggles
  • how to depend on your strengths
  • Trust yourself and the choices you make regarding your family
  • Hold you accountable to building the home and relationship with your kids that you desire
  • 5% live events and workshops

PINK MOM MEMBERSHIP  is the a membership for moms who are looking for a supportive group of moms that can lean on each other and relate to each others personal positions as it relates to all things surrounding motherhood. This membership level includes:

  • Monthly call
  • Self Check Calendar
  • Mindset tools to developing a healthy mental attitudes
  • Relationship building tools for dating and building healthy environments
  • Developing healthy eating habits
  • 10% off Online Courses
  • 10% off of everything in The Singlle Shop

The Rose Gold Mom Membership level is for single moms who are emerging as business owners. Here, we have compiled business tools for single moms to launch her business without neglecting her motherly duties. This membership level includes:

  • Business Tools, digital & hard copies
  • Business solutions
  • Incorporating your skillset to make extra money to fund the business
  • Social Media How-To’s
  • Licensing
  • Introduction to business types
  • Business plan
  • Coursework
  • monthly webinar accountability meeting
  • Access to the Single Mobb
  • Business listing in the Single Mom Business Directory
  • 15% off in The Single Shop
  • 10% live events & workshops

ROSE GOLD MOM MEMBERSHIP is the a entrepreneurial and business level membership for moms who either have a business or are wanting to start a business. With this membership, you have access to tools and resources that will

  • Build your brand
  • Build Your Business
  • Teach you how to monetize your business
  • Relationship building tools on connecting with like-minded business owners
  • Tips for creating extra income
  • 15% off online Courses
  • 15% off of everything in The Single SHOP
  • The Gold Mom Membership level is all about the mind. In order to effectively grow as women, mothers, daughters, friends and later wives our minds have to meet us halfway. This membership focuses on mindset and positioning yourself for positive growth. This membership offers:
    • Mindset tools
    • Confidence development tools
    • Relationship tools
    • 20% off The Single Shop
    • Access to Monthly call
    • Monthly Ebook
    • Monthly workbook
    • Access to coursework
    • 15% off live events & workshops

    You can’t thrive with negative thoughts on the brain. Here members also learn to:

    • Banish toxic environments
    • Walk away from dead friendships
    • Seek solutions for positive growth
    • Speak positively over herself and her family

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