We are so excited to welcome girls to our mentoring program. Her MakeUp, a mentoring program for girls and teens 10-18 aims to provide a safe place for girls to discuss current events related to health, dating, friendships, goals, education, self love and sex. The mentoring programs is free for all girls.

  • Tutoring
  • Small Group Talks
  • Job Shadowing
  • Community
  • Workshops
  • Dance/Drama

We encourage all girls entering to take part in each one the above areas so as to make sure we are performing at our greatest potential.

Our mentoring program will also be heading to local middle schools, churches and clubs. Myself along with 3 others on my team will meet with the interested students 2x a month. All interested girls and students must have a signed parent permission slip before entry into the program. Girls are free to leave at anytime if interest subsides although we will encourage them to continue.

Along with the mentoring program will also be the launch of our new campaign, Help Her, Heal Her as part of our mission to bring single mothers together for the benefit of healing each other through our own personal experiences. We believe that healing starts with sharing, sharing our experiences, advice, love and support towards the next mom so that she won’t have to experience the hurt or pain that we have. This is a campaign that’s close to the heart of our founder.

Additionally, if you have a daughter a niece or younger sister that you think will benefit from our mentoring program, please forward their information. Program meets will begin June 2019.


All inquiries regarding applications and parent permission forms can be forwarded to us here.