We realize the need for more single mom entrepreneurs, but we also realize the real life challenges that come along with it like not being able to afford to pay for your dream. The launch of our Business Grant is going to help alleviate some of those struggles.

Wanting to start a business is no easy task. You have many obstacles to overcome including your environment and mindset let alone your money. While we already provide single moms with unlimited resources and tools that help to shift your mindset a reexamine your environments, we realized that many of you still needed help with the money part. That’s where the Business Grant comes in.

FOR WHO: Single mom entrepreneurs, business owners and those aspiring.

QUALIFICATIONS: To qualify for the grant, single moms must have an established business frame, plan and name. Single mom must have made significant strides to launch business,(i.e. website or landing page, networking, some form of marketing, social media presence). You will be asked to complete a questionnaire.

WHEN: Applications open June 18, 2018. Yes, there will be a deadline to apply.

WHERE: Applications open up on our website.