I normally don’t like to touch on relationships, but seeing as how it’s going to be a part of my E-Course launching next week, I thought I’d dabble a little. Very few points I would like to touch on and I’m just going to jump right in:

1. DATING AS A SINGLE MOTHER. Single moms catch hell trying to date. You can’t date because you have the babies and no sitter or you’re being ridiculed through the mud because you are dating and he probably ain’t the father or guys don’t take you serious. Whatever your reason may be, you catchin’ hell for it. The only way to have a relationship is to date. If you allow the opinions of other people stop you from doing what you want, they will take advantage of the opportunity. There are a lot of people who aren’t going to be thrilled with the idea of you getting back into the dating game, my mother included. If you are anything like me, you’ll date, but you’ll be dating for the long-term not for fun.

2. DO YOU HAVE YOU ISH TOGETHER? If you don’t have your ish together you probably don’t have any business dating anyway. Get your priorities together and dating will come a bit more easily and naturally.

3. DATE WITH PURPOSE. So we have young ladies and gentlemen that we are raising, can’t be bringing any and everyone around them. If you can’t see yourself with this guy long-term, cut it off. Yes, dating is supposed to be fun, but it still needs to be going somewhere. What is the point of you dating the guy? Have a purpose for dating someone. Don’t allow anyone to waste your time and don’t waste he either.

4. DOES HIS ACTIONS SPEAK TO THE FUTURE? Talk is cheap in this case. Do any of his actions confirm a future with you and your children? When he speaks does he speak about you becoming the future Mrs.? His actions need to come through.

5. REMEMBER THE KIDS ARE WATCHING. We date and we get comfortable and we just without thinking sometimes invite these guys into our lives and the lives of our children without considering them before hand. The kids are watching. Make sure that you aren’t sliding guys in left and right.

6. HOW IS YOURS AND HIS SPIRITUAL CONNECTION? Do you two have anything in common spiritually? You can have everything good between you, but if you are a strong believer in the Lord, then his spiritual nature is going to bother you if it does not align with yours. CHECK IT.

7. IF HE IS ACTING LIKE HE WANTS TO BE SINGLE, HE DOES? It hurts me to see someone pining over a love that has clearly been lost. This is never hard for me. I’m a very intuitive person, so I get your energy before I hear your words. If I feel like you have already left me emotionally, I have questions, we need to talk and then I’m gone. Take note. If he is not seemingly into you emotionally, he isn’t. Don’t try to paint a different picture. Take the one he is giving you and make the appropriate moves.


There is a lot to be said on the subject of single moms and dating from the amount of children you have to who you