Motherhood & Health: Diets and Diabetes When I was 9 years old I’d have a chicken leg quarter for dinner or 2. Chicken has always been my favorite food and growing up I ate a lot of it. Little did I know that one day my eating habits would catch up with me — and my child. At 24 years old, in my third trimester with daughter number 2, the doctor said, “have a seat, let’s talk”.¬† I thought I was going to die and my mind in a million places. “You have what we call Gestational Diabetes. It’s curable, but dangerous to you and your daughter while you’re pregnant and if we want to maintain it we need to do it now and with force”. Whoo, was the the breathe I took. I wasn’t gonna die, but now, how do I live?

I’d never heard of anyone in my family having diabetes before and a bit naive because I thought I was untouchable. I didn’t know how much my health mattered until it did. To combat the diabetes — or my becoming full blown diabetic — the doctor handed me some worksheets, made me watch a short film and outlined a strict diet for me that I was to consume morning, noon and night for 7 days straight. It was a bit much to keep up with because I was so used to not eating breakfast.

I had to keep to a specific meal plan, stay hydrated¬† and walk daily. After I gave birth, I went back to much of the same diet I’d had before the health scare which completely changed after my dad died from diabetes not detected.

I changed the way I ate, I exercised, let go of the soda’s and sweet tea. I added more grill chicken and baked fish. Fresh squash and salads replaced the rice. Fresh fruit to lead of sweets like brownies and chocolate cookies. All of these small changes lead to my developing a healthier meal plan that made a huge impact. I now have my mother following suit. Change your diet, change your life.

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