One Mother at the Barber Shop

I watched my son hop in the black chair with chrome legs. The barber began to spin him around just enough to get a huge chuckle out of my little boy. When the chair slowed down and he caught his breathe, he gave the barber some dab. He was in search of the golden clippers in which he rubs as if he is going on stage at the Apollo.

The first day of coming to this particular shop, the barber would let him get a feel of the clippers to ensure him of no harm will be done. Even know, Alex still does it for security purposes, but more so of it being a habit.

“You ready, little man,” the barber asked.

Alex would nob and give him a thumbs up.

Like always, the barber would ask Alex questions about school, what happened on the new episode of Power Ranger or what new toy he has received recently.

Just watching my son interact with the barber just made me smile… a proud as a parent.

I glanced at the other people in the barber shop… it was mainly other young boys and their fathers. I was the only mother there with her son. The sons and fathers were watching sports on the television, talking it up about what team is going to beat the other. I witnessed how the bond was so sweet and seemed genuine.

My son has a relationship with his father, he gets him every Thursday and every other weekend.

But I started to get into my feelings despite hearing my child being talkative and in a good mood. Why was I there?! My baby should be doing the same with his father like the other young boys.

My son has being going to the same barber since he has been two years old and he is now four years old. Since the age of two, every other Saturday I am the one bringing him to the shop. His Dad  said it was my responsibility since he is paying me monthly child support. My blood started to boil reminiscing on that rude ass comment my ex-husband made but I couldn’t lose my smile, my son was looking at me and waving. I smiled and waved back.

When the haircut was over, my baby boy glanced in mirror and swore he was the cutest thing walking! He got out of the chair and gave the barber another dab until the next two weeks.

For the single mothers raising sons, remember they are your biggest fans and more than likely vice versa. Despite the foolery that may occur between you and your child’s father, you can’t get upset especially in front of your child. There will a time when you two will disagree, you have to stay in the zone. Continue to do your part as a mother and love him unconditionally. Trust me the rest in fall in place.