Re-imagining Single Motherhood In 5 Steps

Lets take a moment to stop and think about what OUR single motherhood means to us. How do you want to define it or redefine it? You, like I, might think there’s an easy answer to this question, but truth is many of us don’t know. We don’t know how we plan to parent alone or show up for the kids when they need us. Many of us have taken on this ideas of single motherhood and adopted it as our own. We’re gonna stop doing that right now. In the time that I have been a single mom, I have had plenty of instances that occurred and challenged my parenting. What I have realized is that single motherhood is a strengthening. It’s not a struggle. Some of us are comfortable with being a struggle story and the truth is that is a label that was just placed on you. You didn’t create the struggle or lack there of, you just didn’t re-imagine it so it stuck.

I Challenge You

Today I want to challenge you to re-imagine your motherhood, whether it’s single or not. Who says we all have to work 4 jobs to survive. No, let’s learn how to manage our money better to start. Who says we have to be on the move 24/7? No, it’s cool if you wanna take a minute. Who says we need to be in all places at once. No, you won’t make it everywhere and that’s okay. Who says you’re not allowed to consider marriage or date. Nah girl, you must and you can.

What I want from you is for you to get comfortable with telling people how you intend to parent. How do you intend to raise your child and provide for them? If you don’t see yourself as a struggle, fine.

Make this your motherhood. Re-imagine single motherhood.