We all know how vital a book is to our mental development, but today we’ll be focusing on single moms. I am an avid reader and try to get my hands on a variety of books. For me, one of the ways I have been able to start over is because I’ve read someone’s words that forced me to look at myself, inside myself and at he decisions or choices I’d made throughout my life. Reading fuels your hope and gives you a sense of direction that you might not otherwise know exists. So today I’d like to try something new and provide single moms with a book list just for you.

I have not given any strong reviews because I’d like to hear you read them and form your own.

 SHE WINS by Andromeda Raheem will have your mind right, attitude in check and rejoicing at the idea of women in the everyday walks of life coming together for a good ass girls night out. If you need to get your mind right and attitude in check, get this book.


   THE WAIT by  husband and wife duo Devon Franklin & Meagan Good is a real life honest book for singles. This book asks you all the tough questions as it pertains to love, sex, relationships and marriage and poses the question, why not wait? Get this book if you are currently at a place in your life where you want to experience love, again.

 MY REVIVAL by Angela Benton, Tech Pioneer, is a refreshing take on renewing your mind, body, spirit and business.


 DON’T SETTLE FOR SAFE by Sarah Jakes Roberts encourages women to jump back into the race with hope and faith.


 THE KICKASS SINLGE MOM by Emma Johnson is currently on preorder status.