How To Talk To Your Child About An Absent Father


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*This guide has been updated to include conversation starters for those of us who are parenting single due to death or imprisonment*

In all of our conversations to be had with our children who don’t have a relationship with their fathers, this is definitely one that should be at the top of our list. This is an eBook that contains useful conversations starters, solutions that encourage you to speak openly with your child about this topic in a way that is not to demolish a fathers credibility, but to provide honest answers to the questions your child wants answers to…a guide for single mothers who are single based on choice, death, divorce and opens up the discussion mothers need to have with their children about the absence of a father. Too many of us are leaving this conversation open to chance. This guide provides you with strategies, how-to’s and makes suggestions based on your reason for raising your child as a single parent.

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