The Single Mobb: Start The Business Now

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You were looking for the Mobb, here it goes!

So you’re ready to start your business? Well good, we’re ready to help and we need every bit of commitment from you. Let me introduce you to The Single Mobb: Moms Owing Businesses & Basics. This is a 4 week long coaching program for new and aspiring single mom entrepreneurs and business owners. Here you will learn the basics to starting your business, growing your business and maintaining your business. Take a look at what this program is all about.

  • PHASE I – Objectives, Keys to success
  • PHASE II – Ownership/ Legal Entity, Location, Hours of operation, Products or Services, Suppliers, Service, Financial Management, Start-up Summary
  • PHASE III – Market Analysis, Market Segmentation, Competition, Pricing
  • PHASE IIII – Start-up Expenses, Determining Start-up Capital, Cash flow, Income Projection, Break- Even analysis

Each client will be given a

  • The Single Mobb Business & Basics Binder to include business plan outline
  • Balance Sheets
  • Social Media Kit
  • SMU Planner Kit 2019


We will meet online every Monday and Wednesday from 8pm to 9:30. Please try to attend every meeting so that you do not miss any info.

There is also the option to have us do it-all for you. Please note this option will be an additional fee.


  • Learn how to start a product or service based business
  • Learn how to grow your business
  • Learn how to maintain your business
  • how to make money from your business
  • how to setup your website
  • how to setup your social media pages
  • Legal setup
  • website hosting
  • payment gateways setup
  • setting hours of operation
  • manage startup expenses
  • profit and loss
  • survey your audience
  • locate suppliers
  • balance motherhood and business + more!

Starts Monday, May 13, 2019