Single Mom Walking Away From His Games In 2019

Nobody has time for games in 2019 and we are no exception. Just because you are a single mom or even single does not mean you have to deal with his games. We’re not doing that and to show him we mean it, I’m giving you a few tips on how to walk away from his games — even while parenting.

Walking away requires a level of confidence that we all have, but just need to tap into it. It starts with one move and that one move helps to keep moving.

  1. When he wants to argue, don’t. Just because a person starts an argument with you does not mean you have to participate. In order to grow up you have to learn how to reject what doesn’t help you grow.
  2. Don’t play to text message game. The only thing texts prove is that the other person has something to say and is not adult enough to have a real conversation. Mute the conversation.
  3. Don’t respond to his messages about you coming from anyone. All that proves is that he is as childish as you thought.
  4. Talk to him whenever you have a legitimate issue.
  5. Decide if you still have real feelings. He cannot tempt you with something you no longer want.
  6. Remember to keep your child as the focus. If your relationship is over nothing he says should move you any type of way accept where your child is concerned.
  7. If at anytime you two decide to come back together and work it out and you find that he is still not ready, walk away. He has already shown you who he is. Don’t keep allowing him to walk all over you for the sake of parenting.

It’s not particularly hard to turn down his games. Unless you both have gotten to a place where you can genuinely parent together, stir clear of the games and focus on your child.