Raise your hand, if you are beyond ready to stop chasing your dreams and turn them into reality?!

What is causing you not to follow your dreams?! As for some women including myself, it was self-doubt.

Well… about we confront self-doubt and tell it where it can go! And I am not talking about Arizona.

And Sis, you are not off the hook! I need you to write down your dreams and the reason why these dreams are dear to you.

After you have finished your list, determine which will be short term or long term goals.

Speaking from experience, dreams are never too extreme that they cannot be accomplished! It’s all about you taking the time and the effort of doing it. You cannot get lazy on your dreams!

If you sincerely want a life changing experience, you have to put in the work. Like Rihanna mentions, work work work work!

In all seriousness, you can have a countless amount of dreams!

There are simply two things to get started, YOU and YOU doing it!

As an only child, majority of the time I had to learn how to entertain myself. At the age of eight, I began writing short stories and creating comic strips to share with family and friends. My imagination grew more, and I began enjoying what I had created. I knew what I wanted to be, a writer of some sort. Throughout high school and college years, I was apart of the newspaper staff. After graduating from college, I began writing my first suspense novel.

In a previous blog Choosing Between Marriage and Divorce, I acknowledged putting my dreams in a bottle and letting it slowly deteriorate. Life had a way of showing me that if you stop loving yourself to love someone more, nothing good will come out of it.

After I chose to file for divorce, I needed an outlet and that one thing that kept me sane was writing and getting back to my novel.

Out of the blue, I received a phone call from a compiler, asking if I was interesting in writing a chapter in her book.

She said someone referred me to her.

In total shock, “I’m like whaaa?!”

I  never thought about co-writing with other authors and publishing three self-help books. I used my experiences to help and encourage those to overcome certain obstacles and to be the best versions of themselves. Freeing myself from self doubt, I graciously applied to become a contributor for local magazine in Tennessee. And now I can check off lifestyle blogger for the Single Moms Universitee from my list of dreams.

And no ma’am … I am not stopping there, am turning more of my dreams into reality! The finishing touches on my fiction suspense novel are in the making! In which, one day will be turned into a movie. You see how I am speaking a dream into existence! Now you try it.

Don’t be afraid of doing something that puts a smile on your face, a glow in your spirit and coins in your pocket. Most importantly, sharing your dreams with the world!


Here are a few TURN YOUR DREAMS INTO REALITY pointers:

  • Don’t be afraid to ASK or SEEK others for help! If you know someone who is already doing what you want to do, respectfully ask them for advice. NETWORK! Build a relationship with them, you never know what opportunities may come out of it. Always, always thank them for welcoming and sharing their experience with you. And if someone says NO, PLEASE don’t fret. Simply, thank them for their time and move on to the next person. Change your approach a little and be stellar for your next network session.
  • Speaking of change – You are going to have to stop being comfortable! Change is always good; you can’t fully commit to chasing your dreams if you are not open it. You may have to change your location to pursue your dream. A different view for a different you! Scared to speak in front of a huge group to promote your dream – speak to them as if you know them in a professional manner. Stop letting F E A R and S E L F – D O U B T disrupt your blessings!
  • Time waits for no one! The process will not be easy. As you know, everything has its ups and downs. Grab “procrastination” by its woo ha and take the risk! Remove any self-doubt from your mind and stop second guessing yourself and do it! Be humble at all times. There will be people to support you and there will others who don’t. PLEASE don’t take it to heart of those who you don’t. And the ones that do, appreciate them to the upmost! Use your  newly gained self-confidence, intense dedication and strong determination to turn your dreams into a reality! With that being said, Congratulations, Sis! You got this! #sheready