Girl, why don’t you cook? I don’t think we realize how important it is to cook for our families. When you cook at home, you have complete control over your child’s menu choices and health benefits. Some restaurants may verbalize this, but we all know this might or might not be true.

I cook at least 5x a week and what I’ve found that concerns me is the lack of moms that actually know how to cook. Like, why not? Be that as it may, I wanted to take it upon myself to present a solution to the problem. The Single Moms Universitee will begin to offer recipes, meal prep ideas and quick tips to help the less enthusiastic.

Learning to cook is not as difficult or dry as some might think. It’s actually very rewarding to know that you had something to do with the healthier choices your child makes as an adult. We’ll start with showcasing some quick meal ideas with salmon, chicken, turkey, ground turkey and fish.

Assuming your family eats these meats, we’ll also show you how to come up with simple meals.

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday we’ll offer these tips and ideas in the form of blogs, tutorials and recipes to get those pots jumping in the kitchen. Look out for the first on this Friday, November 5.

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