What They Don’t Tell Single Moms

What haven’t we heard about single motherhood right! We’ve heard it all; how hard it is, how exhausting it is, how lonely it can be and so on. What those same people don’t tell you is that single motherhood is a position. This is a season. If you get a group of single moms together for the most part they’ll all be able to relate to the struggles. They know how it feels to feel depleted or alone, but we fail to realize that it can be different. We don’t talk enough about the fact that we have choices, we don’t have to feel depleted or alone or struggle. Struggling is not an obligation. It’s not something we must do to get this thing right.

As a Confidence Coach to single moms, I work with single moms to help them develop their confidence and it’s difficult to hear the moms I coach believe that they don’t have options or they’ve already reached their destiny. I hear how we’ve been hurt or disappointed, but what I don’t hear enough of is how we intend to pull ourselves up out of that hurt or disappointment. Too many times we’re allowing people on the outside looking in tell us what we’re capable of. That’s backwards sis, you should be telling them what you are capable of. We have to stop allowing people to decide how our lives are supposed to look.

We must not ever be willing to settle. Yall know how I feel about settling. We’re not doing that. If no one is telling you that you can become a millionaire or own a business or finish school, or go to school, become a Lawyer or run 3 businesses they need to go. You can still do all those things.

Be good.