Where SMU Is Going Next

When I first launched what is now The Single Moms Universitee, we were Werk It Mother and the idea for the brand was to create something that encourages single moms to take control of their lives, finances and motherhood. Over time that message shifted. I wanted to dedicate a portion of the brand to single mom entrepreneurs and those aspiring to be. Both messages are still relevant today. Everyday I have the opportunity to speak with single moms from all walks of life; divorce, single by choice, widowed and those that have never been married.

We’ve launched many branches; the job networks, the business grant, the mentorship, the parenting programs, the entrepreneurial services. We’ve tried to reach you all. None of these programs are going away, but we are changing us somethings so that can make sure we are reaching you directly where you are. We are cleaning out The Single Shop and launching new products broken down into tiers. We are rearranging our social media sites to meet you.

We want to get this right and we’ll keep shifting until we do. We want to make sure that we are providing you with the right tools and resources so as 2019 approaches, we’ll be introducing more content on the blog, more live events, more tangible products for you. We’re plugging you into what it means to really be a single mom boss. It’s more than a title or the money or moves we’re making.


  • more blog content
  • more real life success stories from single moms
  • more business resources for single moms in business
  • more webinars
  • more products
  • some prices will increase, some won’t
  • more live events

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