Why You Should Not Feel Guilty For Leaving

Before we jump in, I want to make sure we understand what feeling guilty means; self doubt, or feeling like you did something wrong in some case. So this piece is for my single moms who are or may be single because they walked away from a toxic or otherwise unfulfilling relationship. I walked away 2x and I am here to tell you that you should not feel guilty for doing what was best for you and your child(ren) when you felt it necessary. The real guilt comes from staying in an environment with our child that we know is unfit or unsafe.

We look at our parents and grandparents and we feel that pressure to do what they did or be like them, but you have to understand that you are not them and be okay with it. You cannot compare you to them. You did nothing wrong nor are you selfish or bad.

There is no shame in wanting what feels real and right and not settling until you get it. Which would you want the kids to see? The woman you are unhappy or the mom you are happy and thriving? Hold on to that.

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